Sunday, November 16, 2008

St Elegius Schola

Classes Taken:
How to Teach Anything in the SCA
14c-15c Italian Patchwork
Early Anglo Saxon Jewelry
Quilts During the Time of Henry VIII

My first ever graded Arts and Sciences competition. I entered my coral paternoster and 6 strips of lace as a "sampler" graded on 5 areas (score 1-10)

Lace - Workmanship 9, Creativity 9, Authenticity 10, Documentation 7, Overall 8.5 (Total 43.5)
Paternoster - Wkmanship 6.5, Creativty 7.5, Auth 7.5, Documentation 5, Overall 8 (Total 34.5)

There weren't any comments, so I'm not sure exactly where to improve, but my documentation got the lowest points, so I guess I'll start there. I think I'll let some of those in the know read the documentation and see if they can point me in the right direction.

I need to decide what project I will do next. I need to try more of the lace patterns that are of increased difficulty, and to copy an extant piece of lace (perhaps attached to whatever it was meant to adorn).

I am considering entering my Teneriffe lace for an "Athena's Thimble" panel. I believe there will be one at Yule. I need to find all the ones I have been making for holiday gifts.

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